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Levis Strauss

Krista Haskell has worked with us to recognize the valuable relationship between mindfulness and our work relationships. With humor, depth of knowledge, and personal anecdotes she taught us not only how your brains work, but also practical exercises we can use to create more harmony in our work and lives. The simplicity and honesty with which she brought this knowledge was very much appreciated by our teams.

“Krista felt down to earth, was easy to connect with, and she gave some accessible tools for a place to start bringing mindfulness into my own life.”

“Krista showed the importance of being present in everything you do and how that can positively impact your life”

“This should be taught to the whole company”

“She was incredible”

LCM School District 

When Miss Krista walks through the door, a calm settles over the whole class. They know that this sacred mindfulness lesson is an opportunity to turn their focus inward and decipher their growing brains and bodies. Miss Krista helps them see every emotion, every reaction, as an opportunity to notice and grow as a small human. Miss Krista gives us language to have meaningful conversations when emotions like frustration and excitement get in the way of school work. We love Miss Krista! - Stephanie Fletcher, Elementary Teacher

The lessons have helped me because whenever I get mad at my sister I remember to be calm and take some breaths - Student 4th Grade

Sometimes I have trouble falling asleep at night and the mindfulness strategies really help me - Student 4th Grade

Mindfulness helps us be patient - Student 5th Grade