Krista Haskell

Life by KH

As a Mental Health Coach and Mindfulness Educator, Krista Haskell actively pursues the idea that brain training cultivates a healthy mind. She began her own formal practice back in her home country Australia in 1999. After moving to California in 2010 she has had the opportunity to share her practice of mindfulness and yoga whilst accumulating years of teaching experience.

Krista remains passionately committed to science and the practice of mindfulness this includes regular silent retreats, seminars, and courses. Her enthusiasm for mindfulness and other mind body practices comes from her own discoveries with contemplative practices, studying the science of the brain and from her experience of being a mother of two children. She is an active member of Mindfulness community and continues to study aspects secular Mindfulness, Contemplative Neuroscience and Integrative Nutrition.

Krista’s empathy and understanding of the challenges of the working life after a career in the fast paced /high stakes music and film industry. Her decision to solely focus on raising her children presented an opportunity to reconsider her career and priorities. It became clear that educating youth and adults in their ability to maximize their full potential, with Mindfulness based tools, Cognitive Control and Meditation practices would be her greatest contribution. By teaching in both the in the corporate sector and education system and she is able to reach a vast span of age groups helping humans self regulate, reduce their anxieties and ultimately their overall happiness.